Why Belgium is the Hidden Gem of Europe, You Need to Visit

People overlook Belgium as a tourism destination even though it boasts some of the most beautiful and essential locales on Earth, Belgium is a tiny country in Western Europe. It is an accessible venue that offers tourists a variety of experiences due to its small size. From the charming city of Ghent to the busy capital city of Brussels, Belgium has plenty to offer everyone.

Belgian architecture, fine art, and food reflect the country’s rich history and culture. Rene Magritte and Peter Paul Rubens, among other well-known Belgian artists, have works exhibited in various museums and galleries nationwide. Famous Belgian foods include mouthwatering waffles, beer, and chocolate, a must-try when you plan your visit to Belgium.

Belgium has fascinating history and culture and is a fantastic place for outdoor enthusiasts. The Ardennes area in the nation’s southeast provides stunning scenery and outdoor pursuits, including cycling, hiking, and fishing. The approximately 66 km long Belgian coast is famous for beachgoers and water sports enthusiasts. 

Now let’s check below for some of the top tourist destinations for when you Visit Belgium :


Bruges is known for its scenic canals, cobblestone streets, and Gothic architecture. The city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site called the “Venice of the North.” It’s a fun place to visit, especially if you enjoy boat tours through the canals to see the gorgeous houses and buildings that line them. A Michelangelo sculpture called “Madonna and Child,” and the Church of Our Lady’s Gothic-style Belfry are among the historical attractions worth checking out on your trip. Bruges has become renowned for lace and chocolate over time. These treats are must-haves if you plan on visiting this Belgian city.


Ghent, another attractive medieval city, is renowned for its exquisite architecture and extensive past. Numerous historic structures and sites may be found in the city center, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The majestic St. Bavo’s Cathedral welcomes visitors and features various works of art by the renowned Flemish painter Jan van Eyck. Another must-see is the town hall, built in the 15th century in the Gothic style. The 12th-century Castle of the Counts, which gives an insight into the city’s medieval past, is another attraction open to visitors. Ghent is a terrific place to go out on the town because of its thriving student community.


Tourists can see some of the most famous sites in Belgium in Brussels, the country’s capital. The Grand Place is the heart of Brussels and is renowned for its exquisite Gothic and Baroque buildings. Visitors can also see the Atomium, a structure built for the 1958 World’s Fair that gives sweeping views of the city. They can visit beer halls and chocolate shops or even see one of Brussels’ famous statues: “Manneken Pis” (the peeing boy), known for peeing on sidewalk cracks to ward off bad luck. They might also want to see St. Michael and St. Gudula Cathedral, an impressive Gothic building with soaring spires that house stunning works of art inside. Also, visit one of the best restaurants in the city, Gramm.


Antwerp called the “Diamond City,” is an excellent shop with many diamond merchants. The magnificent Cathedral of Our Lady, with its Gothic architecture, houses works of art by Peter Paul Rubens. A must-see when you plan your visit to Antwerp, Belgium. You can find art galleries and museums in the city, including the Royal Museum of Fine Arts, which holds a collection of works by Flemish painters. Antwerp is a terrific visit for those who enjoy fashion because of its vibrant fashion scene.

The Ardennes

The Ardennes region of southeast Belgium is scenic, featuring gently sloping hills, woods, and quaint villages. Visitors can explore the stunning countryside by foot, bicycle, or fishing. Bouillon Castle, a well-known medieval fortress, is located there, as are several other castles and fortifications. The regional cuisine is renowned for its warming delicacies.


The Walloon area of Belgium contains the city of Liège, renowned for its extensive history and cultural legacy. The majestic Basilica of Saint Paul, built in the thirteenth century, and the Gothic-style Liège Cathedral are open to visitors. Several museums are also located in the city, notably the Museum of Walloon Life, which provides insight into the history and culture of the area. Additionally, visitors may wander beside the Meuse River and enjoy the city’s vibrant nightlife. Visit Belgium now!


The Meuse and Sambre rivers converge in Namur, the capital of Wallonia. It has many beautiful castles and fortresses, notably the Namur Citadel, which provides sweeping views of the area. The Gothic-style Notre Dame Cathedral and the Renaissance-style City Hall are also accessible to tourists. Additionally, the city is well-known for its delectable regional fare—notably Carbonnade Flamande, a typical Belgian stew cooked with beer and meat.


The historic university town of Leuven can be found in Belgium’s Flemish area. The city’s Town Hall from the 15th century and St. Peter’s Church in the Gothic style attract visitors; the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, the oldest Catholic institution in the world with a distinguished past and stunning architecture, is also located here. When you visit this city in Belgium, you may also take advantage of the city’s vibrant student life and sample some of Leuven’s world-renowned beer.


In the Walloon province of Belgium, the lovely town of Mons is well-known for its extensive historical and cultural legacy. Visitors may view the stunning Town Hall from the 17th century and the spectacular Saint Waltrude Church, built in the 14th century in the Gothic style. The city’s Museum of Fine Arts may have a collection of well-known Belgian painters’ works. Visitors may also take in the city’s vibrant student life and sample the cuisine renowned for its warming meals.


Dinant, a charming town on the Meuse River, is well-known for its stunning surroundings and extensive past. The beautiful Dinant Cathedral, built in the 12th century, and the spectacular Citadel, which provides sweeping views of the city and the river, are open to visitors. Chronicle the saxophone’s history and that of its creator, Adolphe Sax, whose birthplace is Dinant, in the city’s Saxophone Museum. Travelers may also take a boat trip on the Meuse or trek in the surrounding Ardennes.


In conclusion, Belgium has a small nation with much to offer travelers. There is something for everyone in Belgium, from the quaint ancient cities of Bruges and Ghent to the vibrant capital city of Brussels and the gorgeous Ardennes area. Visitors may take in exquisite artwork and architecture, savor delectable food, and engage in various outdoor pursuits. Belgium offers it all if you are passionate about nature, history, or culture. Due to the country’s compact size, travelers may easily combine many locations into a single journey. Therefore, Belgium is a worthwhile destination if you’re searching for a distinctive and varied travel experience. Do not disregard its rich history, stunning landscape, delectable cuisine, and attractive villages, as it is a hidden jewel.

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