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Welcome to the About us page of Go2Go! We are a group of enthusiastic travellers who want to share our knowledge and encourage others to see the world.

Our view towards travel is a need, not a luxury. We have the capacity to push ourselves past our comfort zones, take on new challenges, and learn more about the outside world and ourselves. This blog inspires you to take action, buy that ticket, and go out on your next adventure. 

A travel website for ambitious travellers published by experienced travellers. Our team comprises enthusiastic travellers who appreciate imparting their expertise and helpful recommendations to help you plan your upcoming trip. We have various hobbies and varying origins, but we all share a passion for travel, adventure, and exploring new places.

What motivates us?

Our motivation at Go2Go is straightforward: we want to motivate and inspire individuals to travel the globe. We think that travelling may extend our views, shift our viewpoints, and leave us with priceless memories. At Go2Go, we think that travelling is about having an authentic, one-of-a-kind experience rather than just crossing things off a list.

We offer real-world examples and helpful tips to help you get the most out of your travels. We motivate you to venture outside your comfort zone and explore the significant world.

From the busy streets of Tokyo to the beaches of Bali, from the breathtaking slopes of the Swiss Alps to the unique marketplaces of Marrakech, our staff has been to every corner of the map. We are ready to share our experiences with you since we know exactly what it takes to have a unique trip.  Whether it is your first or a hundredth time organising a trip, we know how difficult it may be. Our team’s mainly goal is to provide you with ideas and recommendations so you can plan your trip as easily as possible.

We are here to assist because we know that organising a trip can be difficult. Our staff has travelled to various locations and is always expanding our list of must-visit locales. We write about anything from cheap travel to luxurious getaways, so we have something for you whether you’re a luxury seeker or not. We always strive to offer frank and perceptive reviews so you may make wise choices when organising your upcoming journey.

Green Travel

At Go2Go, we support environmentally friendly travel. We want to ensure that the locations we visit are preserved for the enjoyment of future generations. Responsible travel is important, and we urge our readers to follow suit. We want to leave a positive impression wherever we go, whether reducing our carbon footprint or assisting nearby businesses and communities.

Aim of Go2Go

We offer our own experiences and tales because we recognise that travel is personal. Our aim is to show you what visiting these places is like when travelling. To have a realistic picture of what to anticipate, we discuss the good, the terrible, and the ugly. We wish to assist you in making enduring memories. We can offer free advice, insider knowledge of local traditions and customs, or suggestions for off-the-beaten-path locations. Our team is here and ready to provide you with the most updated and reliable information to plan your holiday.

Our blog includes information on the people we meet, the cuisine we eat, the cultures we encounter, and our travels. We wish to show you the splendour and diversity of our planet by taking you on a journey around the globe to areas you’ve never gone to. Go2Go believes that travelling involves more than just seeing new places; it also involves getting to know new people and genuinely respecting their cultures. On this website, we are looking to encourage you to try and experience first-hand how and where the locals live.

At Go2Go, travel is more than simply a pastime; it’s a way of life. We want to motivate you to travel the globe, push yourself outside your comfort zone, and make lifelong experiences. Come along on the ride as we explore the world together.

Thanks for visiting, and happy travels!