Brussels, Belgium


The Belgian capital of Brussels is home to the upscale restaurant Gramm.

Gramm entrance

Thanks to its simple aesthetic and ambiance, Gramm is the ideal location for a classy evening out. The chefs only use the freshest, best-quality ingredients to make each dish on the menu. This restaurant offers a modern twist on classic Belgian cuisine.

Gramm dining

The seafood platter at Gramm, which features a variety of the freshest fish from the North Sea, is one of the restaurant’s notable specialties. A mainstay of Belgian cooking, the mussels are prepared to perfection in a delicious broth and topped with crunchy fries. A selection of meat dishes is also available at the restaurant, including a juicy duck breast that is perfectly grilled and served with a red wine reduction.

The wine list at Gramm is well chosen to enhance the dish’s flavors and includes a variety of domestic and foreign wines. The helpful staff constantly offers suggestions and leads customers through the menu. Gramm is the ideal location for a special dining experience. The right choice is planning a cozy evening for two or a fun get-together with friends.

Gramm food

The restaurant features an outside terrace in addition to the main room, which offers a lovely view of the city. Diners may eat outside while taking in the lively streets of Brussels during the summer. Whether you live in Brussels or are just traveling, Gramm is a must-visit dining location. Gramm is the pinnacle of an exquisite and refined dining experience with its delectable food, attractive setting, and experienced service.


The best restaurant in Brussels, Gramm, provides a truly distinctive and enjoyable eating experience. Gramm is ideal for a special evening out with its sleek decor, sophisticated ambiance, and creative menu that offers a modern twist on traditional Belgian cuisine. Outstanding meals highlighting the restaurant’s dedication to using only the best ingredients are the seafood platter, mussels, and duck breast. The wine list is thoughtfully chosen to enhance the flavors of the dish, and the helpful staff is constantly on hand to offer suggestions and lead customers through the menu. Therefore, Gramm is the only place to go if you want a chic and elegant evening.