Find Your Dream Neighborhood: The Ultimate Guide to the Best Places to Live


This globalized world is amazing, full of places …. It gives chances to many people to do what they want and live what they like. Mankind is always trying to live their lives comfortably, and they will do anything to achieve that. So, finding a well-matched job and a perfect place to live is the dream of most people. 


You must check the many criteria to find the best places to live. So, one way to find the best places to live is to follow world-recognized methods. The Global Liveability Index is a popular index that presents you with the best places to live. 


The Global Liveability Index is published annually by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) of the Economist.   This index considers 173 cities and rates them on more than 30 factors across five weighted categories: stability, health care, culture and environment, education, and infrastructure. 


The prevalence of crime and threats of military, terror, or civil conflicts are considered under the category of stability. The “Health care” section looks at the availability and quality of private and public health care. “Culture and environment” consider climate, weather, social and religious restrictions, availability of consumer goods and services, and sporting access. Availability and quality of public and private education are covered by education. “Infrastructure” covers housing, energy, telecommunications, roads, and public transport.


The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) of the Economist has experience investigating and reporting on the “ Phenomenon of globalization” for more than 70 years. So, last year’s (2022) Index shows a dramatic rise in many cities in the world after having two years of Covid-19 limitations that saw a decline in the standard of living worldwide.


The best city to live in the world


# 1 – Vienna, Austria



Austra’s capital and largest city, Vienna, is the best city in the world. This city scored a total index of 99.1 out of 100, including perfect scores in stability, health care, education, and infrastructure.


One of Europe’s most stunning cities is Vienna. Shopping, dining, and touring are all fantastic in this city. Vienna provides a fabulous fusion of culture, cuisine, and history. Not only that, the environment that people need to live in is with this amazing city.


Vienna was the winner as the world’s most liveable city in 2018 and 2019, and again Vienna has returned to number one after its Covid-related restrictions during the pandemic.


# 2 – Copenhagen, Denmark



In the second best places to live list, it is beautiful Copenhagen in Demark. The world-leading restaurants, ultra bike-friendly culture, and plenty to do for all budgets led this city to be second place. Copenhagen is the happiest city in the world because of its shooter workdays, free college tuition, more vacation days, and levels of personal interaction.


Also, this beautiful city gives a comfortable atmosphere to its citizens. Copenhagen got an index of 98, with perfect stability, education, and infrastructure scores.


# 3 – Zurich, Switzerland



Switzerland’s largest and wealthiest city is the third place of the best places to live in the world. Zurich is an awesome city that has stunning architecture and picturesque scenery.   On a Limmat river cruise, you can explore Zurich’s museums, vibrant nightlife, and fascinating Old Town. 


Zurich’s total index of 96.3 included 100 points for health care and high ratings for culture and infrastructure. That means this city has a pleasant environment, high salaries, quality health care, and low crime rates.


# 3 –  Calgary, Canada



Calgary, Canada, is also in third place on this list of best places. Calgary, the largest city in the Canadian province of Alberta, is home to a multicultural population, a thriving arts scene, lively nightlife, and year-round outdoor activities. It is surrounded by an area of profound beauty, with a largely unspoiled, resource-rich natural environment.


 The infrastructure, education, and health sectors all received perfect marks in Calgary, which has an index of 96.3.


#5 – Vancouver, Canada 



This is Canada’s second city, which is included in this Index as the fifth in the best places to live in the world.  The beauty, style, culture, and natural wonders of this city amaze the people. Also, multinational citizens squeeze the best foods of the world into its surprisingly compact urban sprawl.  Vancouver scores top marks for healthcare and education, culture, and environment.


The setting of Vancouver, which is bordered by the sea and mountains, makes it unique. Although living in a diversified metropolis, its citizens are never far from nature. So, the Citizens of Vancouver have the best of both worlds.


#6 – Geneva, Switzerland



The beautiful Geneva is the sixth best place to live in the world. It is home to various international organizations, such as the World Trade Organization, World Health Organization, International Committee of the Red Cross, and the second-largest branches of the United Nations and World Bank.


Geneva, located on the Swiss-French border, has a good standard of living and a high cost of living. The area has many outdoor things to enjoy because the Alps and Lake Geneva surround it. Like the rest of Switzerland, Geneva is very environmentally conscious. All children legally residing in Switzerland are given an excellent education at no cost through Swiss public schools.


# 7 –  Frankfurt, Germany



The seventh best place to live in the world is Frankfurt –  the largest financial hub in Europe. The Frankfurt Stock Exchange is the 12th largest stock exchange in the world by market capitalization.  employees have an enviable work-life balance with an average working week of 25 hours. This city provides excellent healthcare and infrastructure to its citizens. Combination of the new city with the old town 


Other than its financial stabilization, many other factors lead to having a happy life for its residents. Such as, Frankfurt city forest is the largest city forest in the country, making Frankfurt one of Germany’s most wooded urban areas.


Frankfurt was in 32nd  place on the last year’s Index. But, this year, it came to 7th place. 


# 8 – Toronto, Canada



Within the top ten places to live in the world, there are three places from Canada. This is Canada’s biggest city, where education and healthcare are renowned for their excellence. 


Beyond this, the city’s extraordinarily multicultural population makes it shine. So, living in Toronto is a good opportunity to see different cultures as it is one of the most multicultural cities in the world. Nearly half of Toronto’s population was born outside of Canada, and the city is home to speakers of more than 140 languages and dialects.


# 9 – Amsterdam, Netherlands



Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is the ninth-best place in the world. The city received scores of 97.2 for culture and environment and 100 for health care, for a total index of 95.3.


The cost of living in the Dutch capital may not be as high as in other western European capitals. Visitors might be surprised to learn how much more tranquil life is in Amsterdam. 


The city is hopping with cultural activities like art exhibits, concerts, and other performances that appeal to a wide range of preferences. The area features a vibrant bar, nightlife, and a diversified culinary scene with eateries serving a range of international cuisines.


# 10 – Osaka, Japan



Osaka has been identified as the 10th best place to live in the world, and this is the only Asian country that ranks the best rank of the Index. This city is one of Japan’s largest cities, a major financial center, a tourist destination, and a cosmopolitan city is known for its restaurants and festivals. Osaka is also home to the longest-covered retail arcade in Japan, in addition to all of its restaurants. 


This is also a megacity where the traditional culture and modern charm co-exist, with a population of approximately 9 million. When considering the Global Liveability Index, Osaka got a total index of 95.1, including scores of 100 for education, health care, and stability. 


# 10 Melbourne, Australia



Melbourne has also ranked the 10th best place to live in the world.                   Index.  Melbourne, the second-largest city in Australia and the capital of Victoria, is located in southeast Australia along the Yarra River. This thriving metropolis offers the finest examples of Australian arts, culture, cuisine, and scenery. It’s a colorful blend of expansive street art, stunning beaches, and obscure city lanes.


Melbourne got a total of 95.1 for the Index, receiving 100 in education and infrastructure and 98.6 in culture and environment.


When considering the previous Global Liveable Index, it is clearly shown that some significant cities lost their prominent places. The impact of late covid waves was mainly affected by this. So,  the cities in Australia and New Zealand have faced this. Therefore Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Auckland, and Wellington were out of the top ten most liveable cities on the list. Only Melbourne is the which has an exception to this trend.  


Also, the ongoing war in Ukraine has affected many Eastern European cities with geopolitical risks dramatically affecting regional stability scores.


Another main thing that can be identified with this Index is that none of the USA or UK cities were in the top ten of the list. 


So, we are gonna give you some straightforward answers to the common questions that you might have about finding the best place to live in the world;




  • What is the number 1 place to live in the world? 


Vienna, Austria


  • What country is #1 in quality of life?




  • Where to live is most happy? 




  • What country is the cheapest to live in?




  • What is the safest city in Europe?


Basel, Switzerland


  • Where is it cheap to live in Europe? 




  • What city has the happiest people?


Helsinki, Finland

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