Escape the Ordinary: 14 Unique Things to Do in the Maldives for an Unforgettable Experience

Are you looking for activities in the Maldives? You’ve arrived at the proper location. You can enter paradise by traveling to the Maldives. The Maldives is a beautiful vacation with opulent suites spreading over blue waters from the white sand beaches.

We had no plans other than to lounge in the sun, drink, and watch the sunset over the Indian Ocean. However, once we got to our tiny island paradise, we discovered more activities available in the Maldives than anticipated.

Over-the-water bungalows are a beautiful sight, and those pictures initially lured us to the Maldives. Do the Maldives provide other activities except for relaxation, though? Definitely!

1.     Scuba Diving at Maaya Thila

The breathtaking oceanic splendor envelops the little cove of Maaya Thila. You should know it if you’re wondering what to do in the Maldives.

The ocean floor off the Maldivian island of Maaya Thila is home to some of the most beautiful marine species. It is only accessible by diving to greater depths and is protected by the Marine Conservation Law. Aside from Snappers, Angel Fish, and Tunas, the two most exclusive views one cannot miss while scuba diving at Maaya Thila is the overhanging caverns surrounding the coral cove and the Grey Reef Shark.

2.     Enjoy Sunset Cruise in the Maldives

A sunset sail is one of the top things to do in the Maldives. You will truly appreciate the natural splendor of the archipelago’s pristine islands.

Take a joyous hour-long sail aboard. Get a native boat or dhoni in the evening to take in the breathtaking views of the setting sun. You can see some cute dolphins while you enjoy the panoramic views of nature while traveling.

3.     Visit Glowing Beach on Vaadhoo Island

Visit the “Sea of Stars” on Vaadhoo Island to spice up your typical beach days. Under the moonlight, the sea here appears to be glistening magnificently.

The free-floating, microscopic planktons of the ocean exhibit this phenomenon, known as bioluminescence, as a form of defense against fish. The sea’s bioluminescence phenomenon gives the water its blue and brilliant appearance. The water is entirely safe for you to play in. It emits a cool blue light and produces no heat.

4.     Surfing in the Maldives

Although surfing is one of the most popular water activities, not all ocean-facing landmasses are appropriate. The Maldives is one of the most popular surfing locations in the world thanks to its enormous waves that coil up at the perfect moment to provide that Instagram-worthy surfing period.

The Maldives, one of the top surfing locations in the world, has a favorable geographic advantage that makes it possible to surf year-round, particularly in and around the Male Atoll, Central, and Southern Atolls.

5.     Stay in an Overwater Bungalow like Six Senses Laamu

At the renowned Six Senses resort in Laamu Atoll, take in the tranquility of an overwater stay while losing yourself in the panoramic views of the lush surroundings and the azure ocean.

Lagoon Water Villas, Ocean Water Villas, Ocean Water Villas with Pools, Laamu Water Villas, Sunset Laamu Water Villas, and several others are among the various overwater accommodations available to you at Six Senses.

These roomy, stylishly decorated overwater bungalows are made to provide the utmost in coziness, comfort, and solitude. While here, you may also indulge in various energizing spa and massage treatments while relaxing next to the calm blue waves and getting back in touch with nature. Additionally, you may enter the crystal-clear water and engage in various thrilling water activities, such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and sunset dolphin cruises.

6.     Stroll at Hulhumale Beach

The most popular recommendation for beach lovers visiting the Maldives is to stroll along the stunning Hulhumale Beach. One of the most romantic experiences anyone would love to have on an island is stepping on the beautiful white sand with their significant other while wearing only their underwear.

You may also take in the most breathtaking sunset views as you stroll down the beach in the evening. Additionally, you may have some genuine and delectable seafood at any of the many cafés and stands that line the beach’s white sands.

7.     Explore the Capital Island Male

When considering what to do in the Maldives during your visit to the archipelago, keep Male, the capital island, in mind. Visit Male’s historic structures, fascinating museums, magnificent parks, and unspoiled beaches while you’re there. You can also wander the flamboyant streets, savor the regional cuisine, and buy your favorite trinkets from the vibrant and bustling open markets.

The Old Friday Mosque, the National Museum, the Male Local Market, Sultan Park, Artificial Beach, and the Tsunami Monument are just a few of the main sights to see while on a tour of Male. In Male, you may engage in various exhilarating water sports, including diving and snorkeling.

8.     Take a Helicopter Tour of the Maldives

One of the most amazing experiences one may enjoy while on vacation in the Maldives is a helicopter tour of the stunning archipelago. You can break up the routine of life and take in the ultimate splendors of nature while soaring in the deep blue Maldivian sky by taking a helicopter trip over the island nation.

You will have the opportunity to see a panoramic view of the stunning sandbars, turquoise lagoons, and beautiful islands while in the air. The lovely islands’ shallow waters, plush white sands, and swaying palm trees can all be seen.

9.     Party at Subsix

If you still need to figure out what to do in the Maldives, there’s a chance you haven’t heard of partying on the gorgeous archipelago while submerged ten feet below the surface. Off the coast of Niyama Island, 6 meters below sea level, there is a restaurant and bar named Subsix enclosed in fiberglass.

Subsix, widely regarded as the first and only underwater nightclub in the world, provides a distinctive partying experience with full-throttle music, mouthwatering food, exotic cocktails, fine wines, and magnificent views of manta rays and other colorful fish.

10. Snorkeling at Maafushi Island

Including a half-day of snorkeling at Maafushi Island in the itinerary is required when making a list of things to do in the Maldives. Some of the most colorful marine life, including Manta rays, Moray eels, Green Sea Turtles, sturgeons, and other exotic fish, may be found at the underwater Coral Gardens of Maafushi Island.

Maafushi Island’s waterways are also home to many exotic aquatic plants. You may swim alongside whitetip, grey reef, and stunning whale sharks when you snorkel through the island’s shallow waters, as they are only found in this region.

11. Go Jet Ski at Male Atoll

Most tourists who have visited the island paradise of the Maldives consistently rank jet skiing as one of the top things to do there. Male Atoll is one of the safest places to learn to conduct jet skiing because of the unbroken ocean surface there.

While you like jet skiing, you’ll consider it to be a speedier kind of sport of water skiing because it allows you to sit securely on a jet ski and travel through the water at a high rate of speed.

12. Parasailing

Parasailing is the most incredible way to experience one of the most thrilling activities in the Maldives—cruising in the air while feeling the cold sea breeze kissing your cheek. You may take in the breathtaking panoramic views of the entire archipelago while parasailing over the ocean’s blue seas.

The participant in parasailing is connected to a motorboat that is moving very quickly while wearing a parachute, allowing the adventurer to fly over the sky at an astonishing speed.

Location: Parasailing is offered at numerous atolls throughout the Maldives. However, Reethi Beach, Finolhu Beach, and Cocoon Beach are the most fantastic places to experience it.

13. Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Supine paddle Boarding on the azure ocean waters is one of the most exciting things to do in the Maldives for keen water sports fans. One can take a paddleboard through the waters of the ocean while balancing in a cathartic standing-up position while standing up paddleboarding in the calm seas of the Indian Ocean, which is a unique experience.

Since stand-up paddling allows you to travel on the water at your speed while maintaining control of the wake, it’s a great way to prepare for surfing. Stand-up paddle boarding combines the thrill of a boat trip with the pleasure of surfing.

14. Experience Kayaking

There is no better option than kayaking if you’re looking forward to a relaxing and quiet water sport while on vacation in the Maldives. Kayaking is entirely safe for novices, doesn’t require being a good swimmer, and can be done by adventure seekers of all ages, unlike most water activities on the Maldives islands.

The tranquil, crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean surrounding the Maldives also provide a chance to observe Marine Ecology at its peak. Because of this, kayaking in Glass Bottom Kayaks offers an exceptional opportunity to experience the Maldives’ maritime environment without submerging.

The Maldives are made for adventure, water sports, and romance. You can stay on private islands in the Maldives and make several day trips to explore the surrounding atolls and the capital city of Male. These are the best things to do in the Maldives!

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