New Ryanair Summer Destinations From England

New Ryanair flights From England!

Looking for fresh 2023 summer vacation locations to include on your itinerary? Look no further than Ryanair’s new destinations from England!

Ryanair, Europe’s leading low-cost airline, has announced an exciting lineup of new flight routes set to launch summer of 2023 from England! Whether you want to chill next to the beach and walk around a city, Ryanair has got you covered with their new 2023 summer destinations from different cities in England.

It’s time to start organizing your next journey with Ryanair since there are so many intriguing new places to choose from!


Check out new Ryanair destinations from Liverpool

  • Zadar, Croatia – June 1st


Look at the new Ryanair destinations from Manchester

  • Zadar, Croatia – June 3rd
  • Menorca, Spain – June 4th


Explore new Ryanair destinations from Birmingham

  • Zadar, Croatia – June 3rd
  • Perpignan, France – June 1st
  • Pisa, Italy – June 4th



Check out new Ryanair destinations from Leeds

  • Zadar, Croatia – June 3rd
  • Limoges, France – June 2nd
  • Paris, France – June 2nd
  • Chania, Greece – June 2nd
  • Riga, Latvia – June 4th
  • Barcelona, Spain – June 1st


Catch some sun with new Ryanair destinations from East Midlands

  • Bergerac, France – June 3rd
  • Marseille, France – June 3rd
  • Chania, Greece – June 4th
  • Pisa, Italy – June 2nd


Explore new Ryanair destinations from London

  • Osijek, Croatia – June 2nd
  • Rijeka, Croatia – June 1st
  • Zadar, Croatia – May 2nd
  • Rodez, France – June 2nd
  • Kalamata, Greece – June 6th
  • Kefalonia, Greece – June 1st
  • Preveza, Greece – June 1st
  • Menorca, Spain – June 2nd


So don’t wait! Head over to Ryanair’s official website to book your flights from England to new destinations!


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