Don’t Sweat It! The Best Places to Visit in July for a Chill Summer Escape

Summer, freedom (from school, dang school), warmer weather, and more festivals than you can shake a stick at all arrive in July. We’re not sure why someone would shake their fist at a festival, but the seventh month of the year has long been a leader in global travel. For the record, the world doesn’t have corners. The finest spots to visit in July range from Montreal and Madagascar to the Netherlands, New Zealand, and other countries. Naturally, things start to pick up in July, so make reservations in advance and we’ll see you there. That is a cocktail, and we are unable to confirm or deny whether it contains alcohol.

Places to visit in July

Amsterdam, Netherland

Amsterdam July

The first place on our places to visit in July article is Amsterdam. Visit it’s all about the cuisine, the weather, and the moods in July in Amsterdam. The greatest place to spend a lazy summer day is in Vondelpark, where you can frequently see free outdoor comedy, dance, and music acts, or at Roest Urban Beach, which has an adult-friendly jungle gym. Aside from the fact that the city’s customary celebrations are probably going to be subdued this year, keep an eye out for street food stalls and other activities that highlight the city’s typically exuberant Pride season.


Greenland July

This place, which some have dubbed “the new Iceland,” may be more well-known than ever, but it still lags far behind its oversaturated twin. Coming in second place on our places to visit in July article is Greenland. This is better for travelers who wish to venture off the beaten path. Although July is considered to be high season, there are still plenty of options to find some relative alone on the largest (and arguably wildest) island in the world. For the icebergs, obviously. Take a nocturnal cruise of the 66,000-foot-long, Unesco-listed Ilulissat Icefjord, where the midnight sun illuminates a cast of creaking bergs in pink, purple, and orange colors up to the 24th of the month.

South Island, New Zealand


New Zealand’s South Island is a no-brainer when it comes to winter getaways because of its amazing whale viewing chances, luxurious hot springs, and sweet ski slopes. The aurora australis, often known as the southern lights, can also be seen during the coldest months; it can be best seen in Dunedin right before a new moon. There are yet more reasons to gaze upward in July, since the beginning of Matariki (the Maori New Year), which is observed with festivities and feasts and coincides with the ascent of the Pleiades star cluster. For unrivaled stargazing, go to Mt. John Observatory in Tekapo, which is located inside an international dark sky reserve.

Northwest England

England July

We’ll be the first to acknowledge that, how should we put it, the weather in the northwest of England may occasionally be less than ideal. Most of the year is spent in the drizzle, but in July the sun finally appears with all the exuberance of a young child. The major cities in the northwestern region exhibit a similar pattern, with Liverpool and Manchester standing out the most during the day. Yes, the north is known for its drizzle, but on a Saturday afternoon, nothing beats an Aigburth beer garden. Add some fantastic park events, and you have yourself a truly unique region of the world.

Hoi An, Vietnam


Savvy tourists in Vietnam head to the central coast, where the weather is dry and mild, as the monsoon rains pour in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. This region is home to some of the nation’s most stunning beaches, as well as world heritage-listed cities and breathtaking national parks. At the historic harbor city of Hoi An, you may travel back in time by discovering Chinese temples and traditional teahouses along lantern-lined lanes. After that, leave the city to relax on the expanses of white sand in Da Nang, ride a motorbike via the treacherous Hai Van Pass, and explore Hue’s Imperial Citadel before continuing inland to see the enormous Phong Na Caves.

Montreal, Canada

Canada July

In a city more frequently associated with harsh winters, Montreal’s Canada Day celebrations kick off a whole month of summer fun. Highlights typically include the world’s largest international comedy festival, Just for Laughs, and Sainte Catherine Street Fair. Cirque Festival guarantees you won’t have to look far for street entertainment as performers from Cirque du Soleil, the National Circus School, and others put on a ton of shows to celebrate one of Quebec’s most well-known art forms. But do not worry if attending multiple festivals is not your thing. The month of July is still a fantastic time to explore this amazing city and refuel at Time Out Market Montreal, which features the top chefs in the area.



This island, which has some of the world’s most diversified species, is a delight to visit in July since the temperature is cooler and dryer, making lemur sightings on rainforest excursions more pleasant. During this time of year, humpback whales travel to this area to give birth to their young. You may see them in Tulear and Nosy Be or attend the humpback whale festival on Nosy Boraha. The Baobab Fosa event, held in Morondava, honors the island’s priceless nature and offers opportunities to see fossa (a mongoose related) and stroll along the magnificent Avenue of the Baobabs.



This city is a food lover’s paradise all year long, but if you want to experience it at its finest, go there in July. During that time, the island city holds the Food Festival to honor its diverse culinary offerings. This week-long celebration of regional flavor is worth missing breakfast for, featuring everything from cooking courses and fine dining events to a street food frenzy. Sick and tired of the heat? The Great Singapore Sale, which runs for nearly the whole month and has fantastic offers and deep discounts, is a terrific time to indulge in some retail therapy at the air-conditioned malls on Orchard Road.

West Coast, North America


Sound the klaxon for your road trip! The Pacific Northwest and California are calling. This month is a great time to experience the best of the American and Canadian West Coast, save from July 4, when US roads will be congested with long weekend travelers heading to family picnics and baseball events. This region of North America is as diverse as its days are long, offering opportunities to catch some rays in San Diego, take a forest bath in Oregon, explore Seattle’s street art, or simply make the most of Vancouver’s driest month of the year.



Tokyo, the nation’s capital, and other important locations have returned to normal since the country’s reopening last year, however, this still means that it is hot and crowded. Thus, if you can, schedule some time earlier in the month to visit lesser-known locations like Hateruma Island or Shiretoko Peninsula, as well as popular destinations like Kyoto, Osaka, and Hiroshima. Or, if you’re short on time, limit your excursions to daily visits from the city and achieve your own athletic goals by climbing Mount Fuji or surfing in Kamakura. Learn about the Best Time To Travel To Japan.

Cape Town, South Africa


When visiting Cape Town, do you hope to spot some whales? In this region of the world, whale season officially begins in July, so it is important to plan and set up camp in advance as southern right and humpback whales are the most likely to surface at this early stage. Winter is at its height elsewhere in the city, with warm temperatures and a pleasant ambiance devoid of the summer sizzle. When you plan your visit in July, you’ll have the vistas all to yourself.

Provence, France


Provence is full of historic cities and fashionable towns, from Avignon and Marseille to Nice, St. Tropez, and Cannes. But don’t overlook the expanses of pastoral loveliness in between. Come to visit Provence in July to partake in crisp, dry rosé tastings at Château Gassier (which typically hosts outdoor tastings and a movie under the stars in the summer), play in the lavender fields near Aix en Provence and Senanque Abbey before the harvest, take part in Fête Nationale celebrations in virtually every town and village, or spot Tour de France cyclists on the dizzyingly high Mont Ventoux trail. Check also the Best places to visit in France.

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