Best time to travel to Madeira: The Best of Both Worlds – Beaches and Mountains

Madeira is a Portuguese island that is politically part of Europe. It is off the west coast of North Africa, so its climate is more like that of this subtropical area. But when you add in Madeira’s volcanic landscape, it is right on the Atlantic Ocean and one of the highest places in the world (read. It’s crazy hilly! ), and you’ve got a real feast of weather. So, it’s hard to say when the best time to go to Madeira is. But let’s look at the best time to go sightseeing, sunbathing, or hiking.

Madeira Climate

Madeira can be reached in many ways. Most of these are caused by the island’s mountainous terrain, and it’s not unusual to see sunny, hot, and dry weather on only one side of the island in Madeira. About 30 minutes away. It can be cloudy, foggy, windy, wet, or rainy. The small island of Madeira is in the subtropics. A beautiful area with hills that starts to rise from the coast. This means that it’s sometimes less sunny and dry than you might think. No matter when you go to this island, you should always wear layers and be ready for anything. You should have everything you need when you go out in Madeira (including a sun hat, waterproof jacket, bikini, and jumper).

When to Visit Madeira 

No matter what you want to do for fun in Madeira. Chill out, go hiking, sail, eat, drink, or sightsee. May and September are usually the best months to visit. May. The best times to visit Madeira are in May and September when you can see the island in winter and avoid rainy weather. During the summer, the island often has hot weather and a lot of humidity. In May and September, when the weather is mild and the days are long and sunny, tourists can enjoy this picturesque island’s mountain trails, swim in the sea, and go on whale-watching trips. And it’s not busy. This means you won’t have to walk with other people.

Madeira Seasons

In context, Madeira has four main seasons broadly aligned with the main European ones. March through May is spring, and the temperatures are usually in the high teens or low twenties (Centigrade). The days get more excellent and longer, and it starts to rain. The day lasts about 9 hours, and the island is green and lush. Madeira’s summer is from June to August when temperatures can reach the 30s, and the humidity is very high. Rainfall is low, and there are a lot of sunny days.

From September to November, in autumn, the weather gets more relaxed, and there is more rain. Even though the days are short, there is enough sun to get you out and about. Madeira’s winter lasts from December to February. As a subtropical island, even its coldest months have daytime temperatures that rarely drop below 15 degrees. But it rains a lot in the winter, and sunny days are more common than cloudy, rainy days. It is possible to go to Madeira at any time of the year. But spring and autumn are the best times to go to Madeira.


Best Time to Visit for Hiking

An excellent choice if you’re visiting Madeira for hiking, as the island is a walker’s paradise. You will have to deal with some strange temperatures during the year. So I think there are better times to walk in Madeira than in the summer. Also, because it rains a lot in the winter, there will be less fun. So, spring and fall are the best times to enjoy walks on this island. The best months are September and October in the fall and April and May in the late spring. They have milder temperatures, less rain, longer days, and a good chance of blue skies. The trails can get crowded during these times, but it’s worth it.

Best Time to Visit for Sightseeing

Take in the sights of Madeira. As we’ve already discussed, the weather can make things hard to do depending on how different it is in one place. But Funchal, the island’s capital in the southeast, is the best place to go sightseeing because it has the most sights and is the easiest to get around. And the area around it is sunnier and drier than other parts of Madeira. Especially in the mountains, it’s OK to go in early spring or autumn. April and October are good times to visit Madeira because the weather is cooler, it rains less, and there are fewer people.

Best Time to Visit Beach

If you love beaches, swimming in the ocean, and watching the sun go down, let’s look at the best time to do that. Even though there is a lot of sightseeing and hiking, most people love to swim in the sea and lay on the beach. But if you mainly want to get some sun, the summer is the best time to visit Madeira: high temperatures, little rain, and long days with a clear blue sky.


From April to mid-June, Madeira is known for its low prices and small crowds from April to mid-June. During this time, you can go on a walk through lush green plants that you will never forget, and you can also go to the famous Madeira Flower Festival. The Madeira tour will be especially hot and sweet from June to September, but the Madeira Wine Festival in August will give it a sour taste. But make plans ahead of time and book your hotel early, as prices are higher during these busy months. From October to March is a great time to watch birds and eat tropical fruits like guava, mango, and anona. December will be an excellent time to go on trips. But there is a good chance that it will rain. As more people come for Christmas and New Year’s, the island gets busier.

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