Earthquake News Turkey & Syria

A severe 7.8-magnitude earthquake devastated the Southeast regions of Turkey and the majority of Syria early on the 6th of February, 2023. In the afflicted areas, the earthquake caused extensive damage and a high death toll, notably in the tourist destinations where visitors from all over the world travel to see the region’s natural beauty and rich culture. The world watched in horror as the natural calamity wreaked havoc and devastation. The tragedy affected the entire country and beyond.

Following the catastrophe, local officials, humanitarian groups, and volunteers work diligently to assist people in need via rescue and recovery activities. Medical personnel is treating the injured, and emergency shelters have been built. The neighborhood has come together, with locals helping out their neighbors and volunteers pitching in to aid in the recovery work.

According to Reuters, the disaster service in Turkey has increased the number of those killed in the earthquake. The current death toll in Turkey is 7,800 people. According to the service, the number of those hurt there increased to 37,011, and more than 79,000 people were working on search and rescue missions on the Turkish border. The earthquake has taken a toll of 10,270 people and is expected to cause more daily fatalities, with reports of 2,470 deaths in Syria.

Effects of the Earthquake

This earthquake has had a significant effect that will last for years. The loss of houses, businesses, and infrastructure will negatively impact the local economy and the lives of residents long-term. The forced changes or cancellations of many tourists’ plans have seriously hit the region’s vital tourism sector. It will take months or maybe years for the area’s popular sites and attractions to recover.

Numerous films document the moment that thousands of buildings in both nations crumbled as witnesses fled for safety. The earthquake created vast heaps of rubble that stretched as far as the eye can see and demolished several structures as tall as 12 stories.

The earthquake demolished Gaziantep Castle, a historical site over 2,000 years old.

It’s critical to keep up with the latest information and developments. As the situation changes, it’s necessary to offer help and support where it’s required. Although the earthquake may have caused major disruption, the Turkish people’s energy and tenacity will get them through this trying moment and pave the way for a better future.

How to help recover from this Earthquake:

Despite the immense loss and damage, the residents of the impacted region are shown tremendous fortitude and bravery. It is encouraging to see the outpouring of support from all around the world. They will band together to rebuild and move past this tragedy.

The authorities have encouraged tourists to stay away from the impacted region and follow the local authorities recommendations. The top priorities are assisting individuals affected by accidents and ensuring a full recovery. The world is with Turkey at this trying moment, and the rebuilding process will start shortly so that the Turkish people may relax.

Governments from all over the world have pledged support. They have sent out search teams, medical teams, and equipment and offered relief as displaced people struggle in the bitter cold.

Here are some ways you can support them:


According to OXFAM, they are developing a suitable short-term and long-term response strategy in collaboration with Turkish women’s cooperatives. OXFAM is an international organization that fights poverty; donations are being accepted.


UNICEF’s top priorities are water, sanitation, hygiene, and nutrition. This United Nations organization focuses on assisting unaccompanied minors in finding their relatives. Now taking contributions.

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

The Disaster Response Emergency Fund of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies needs donations to give “urgent monetary support.”

Global Giving

To support the capacity of emergency medical personnel to give food, shelter, and medicine, among other essentials, Global Giving is collecting donations. The group will put a special emphasis on long-term aid as needs in Turkey and Syria alter.


CARE is accepting Donations. The donations will be used for hygiene kits, food, and shelter.

Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations

Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations are raising Money. They have been offering medical aid and health services to people within Syria and Syrian refugees in Turkey.

Doctors Without Borders

Doctors Without Borders are collecting Donations an organization that responds to medical emergencies throughout the globe.

Save the Children’s

Save the Children Children’s Emergency Fund is accepting Donations. They will assist in providing children with food, shelter, and warm clothes.

Syrian American Medical Society

The Syrian American Medical Society is collecting Donations. The U.S.-based charity that provides healthcare in Syria and neighboring nations. Al Dana, one of its hospitals in northwest Syria, at least sustained significant damage.

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