Brno, Czech Republic


The modern eatery Pavillon is situated in Brno, Czech Republic.

Pavillon dining

Pavillon’s modern and stylish decor offers customers a unique and lavish dining experience in the city. The cuisine provided at Pavillon restaurant mixes Czech and international flavors in various dishes that highlight the best ingredients and cooking methods. Outstanding dishes include the seared duck breast with plum compote, the house-made pasta with truffle butter, and the grilled octopus with black garlic. The restaurant also offers a carefully chosen wine list with domestic and foreign wines to enhance the flavors of the dishes.

Pavillon food

The eating space at Pavillon is spacious and modern, with large windows allowing natural light. The décor is sumptuous and stylish with a neutral color palette, focusing on clean lines and modern materials. The restaurant also offers a stylish bar area for pre-or post-dinner drinks.

Pavillon’s friendly and accommodating staff is always on hand to provide assistance and guide guests through the menu. Pavillon is a must-visit eating establishment that offers a unique and beautiful dining experience in the heart of Brno, whether you are a resident or a guest.

Pavillon food

Pavillon is the ideal location for a special dining experience, whether you’re planning a business lunch, a celebration with friends, or a romantic supper for two. The restaurant is the pinnacle of gourmet dining in Brno because of its creative menu, gorgeous decor, and knowledgeable service. So, go no further than Pavillon if you want a memorable evening out that includes delectable cuisine, a chic setting, and knowledgeable service.


In conclusion, Pavillon is a cutting-edge eatery that offers a unique and sophisticated dining experience in Brno, Czech Republic. The restaurant is the city’s finest dining establishment with its innovative menu that combines international and Czech cuisine, attractive décor, and skilled service. Whether you’re organizing a festive get-together with friends, a business dinner, or a romantic evening, Pavillon is the perfect setting.